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Many have wondered if we have a local congregation in their area. The below article will discuss this and how to begin to fellowship with us.


Local Congregations


Many people call or write us asking if we have a local congregation meeting in their area. In virtually every case the answer is no we do not. We are very scattered and few in the Church of God today. We fellowship primarily through emails and phone calls throughout most of the year, and when we meet together for the annual Feast of Tabernacles.

It is unfortunate that in this day and age there are just not very many people interested in “holding fast” to the truth and doctrines that God restored and revealed through His end-time apostle Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong. Yes, there are many “congregations” out there with various “Church of God” names, but the overwhelming majority of these do not hold fast to all of the true teachings (doctrine) of Jesus Christ.  Most are satisfied with settling in and attending these congregations and not being “disturbed” or having to change or repent of anything. I often call this their “comfort zones”. 

As has been well documented on this website through articles and sermons, these groups that share various aspects of watered-down doctrine are no longer a part of the true Body of Christ.  Mr. Armstrong himself made this clear. Notice the sound bite that plays when you click on the T.H.W.A.R.C. page of this website.

Does this mean that we in the Church of God today think we are better than others or that we are an “exclusive” group? Absolutely NOT!  We know that there are others out there who are holding fast. Some of these may be attending other church groups and just don’t know where else to go. Many may be just staying at home, not knowing what else to do.

Many have contacted me over the years asking what to do about the local congregation or “splinter-group” that they’re attending. They know what’s being preached is watered-down or in many cases just plain lies. But they just don’t know what to do or where to go.

The first thing I tell them is that when you sit in a church service and say “amen” to the opening and closing prayer, that means you are saying “so be it” or that you are in “agreement” with what is preached or taught during those services.  Therefore if you KNOW that what is being taught is wrong, then it’s up to you to do something about it.


Keeping The Sabbath At Home


Is it wrong to keep the Sabbath at home? Absolutely not. I have a recent sermon on this subject located on the “AUDIO ARCHIVES” page of this website. It covers the subject in great detail, including what Mr. Armstrong had to say about the subject.  In fact the majority of our brethren in the Church of God keep the Sabbath in their respective homes. We listen to sermons by Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong and also sermons that I record and post to this website. The Sabbath is a 24 hour period of time that is Holy to God, regardless of where you are at the time or where you observe it. But it is important HOW we keep or observe it.


What About Fellowship?


God’s Word instructs us to have fellowship with those of like-mind, that being the mind OF Christ. Today those with the mind of Christ, or rather those in the Body of Christ, are scattered all over the United States, Canada, South Africa and other parts of the world. Truly for those of us in the Body of Christ, our fellowship is first and foremost with God the Father and Jesus Christ (1 John 1:3), but also with each other.

The Bible is also clear that we are to “avoid” or not fellowship with ANY who teach or preach a doctrine that is contrary to the doctrine of Christ. This is covered extensively in a recent series of sermons entitled: “Self Deception”, “Doctrines of Demons” , “Resist the Devil!”, and many other sermons, all located on the “AUDIO ARCHIVES” page of this website.

As was stated earlier, we in the Church of God fellowship primarily via emails and phone calls, and also internet instant messaging. We keep each other updated through emails and also use emails for prayer requests, Sabbath greetings, as well as keeping abreast of world events that are rapidly beginning to fulfill prophecy. I also send out weekly or biweekly email updates with general information concerning the work, prayer requests, news related to prophecy and other matters concerning God’s Church.


How Can I Fellowship With Your Group?


If you are interested in fellowshipping with us and supporting this Work of God, please first spend some time on our website reading the articles here and listening to the sermons on the "SERMONS" page and the “AUDIO ARCHIVES” page. This will begin to paint a clear picture of who we are, what we believe, and why. This will also ensure that we are on the “same page” spiritually speaking.

After this, if you are still interested in fellowshipping with us, just email me with a little information about yourself.  After a few discussions I will then introduce you to our brethren via an email introduction. If you do not have email or a computer, then we will do it the old fashion way, by either telephone or snail mail. Also you will receive a little information about each of us. This will get the ball rolling on fellowship with those in the Body of Christ.

You do not have to be a “baptized” member of God’s Church in order to fellowship with us. See the “Baptism” page for more information. If you are not yet baptized you may still fellowship with us as a “prospective” member until you are baptized. I usually conduct several or more baptisms at the Feast of Tabernacles every year, but also will occasionally travel to conduct a baptism.


WHY Fellowship With Us?

If you have taken the time to read this far in this brief article, or have been browsing through our website, then you probably have noticed that we are different than most of the “splinter-groups” of what was once the Worldwide Church of God.  We are NOT trying to duplicate a work that was done through God’s end-time apostle Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong. We realize that the true gospel has already been preached to the world as a witness, and that it is now fulfilled prophecy. Yes, Matthew 24:14 is fulfilled prophecy. We are nearing the end of the Laodicean era (spiritual condition) of God’s Church and our time of final exams is almost over. But there is STILL a work to do. It is a WARNING work. The true gospel has been preached to the world as a “witness” (NOT to convert people), but unfortunately that same true gospel has to now be preached to the CHURCH or people of God (ALL the splits and splinters, including ourselves) as a WARNING to get BACK TO that gospel or way of life, and begin to LIVE by it again. That true gospel is the WAY to the Kingdom of God!

Unfortunately the vast majority of God’s own people have DEPARTED from that “way” here in the end time. Prophecy shows that this vast majority of God’s  own  people (the Church) will indeed go into the Great Tribulation along with the national Israelites, unless we REPENT. Jesus Christ is not going to return to marry a bride with “multiple personalities” or multiple splits and divisions! God’s Word says there is only ONE Body, ONE Church and it is NOT divided. This subject is covered extensively throughout this website, especially in the majority of my sermons.

Many will browse through this website briefly and scoff at it, and so they do and go their own way. There are some though, a few, who come across our website and become literally “glued” to it. Why is this? This is the Spirit of God working in a person who recognizes the TRUTH. Plain and simple. Those are the few who are like members of a modern “Gideon’s Army”, who are still alert and watching and searching for the truth. They recognize what they have found.  There is a “spiritual” gathering taking place today. God is gathering those of “like-mind” into the fellowship of One Body, HIS Body.  This spiritual gathering that is taking place is nothing short of miraculous. Indeed it is a miracle because it can only be done by God Himself. It is HE that is doing the gathering, not me or any other man. I can’t “tell” you or “make” you do anything. But the Spirit of God, if you are being led by it, WILL guide you into all truth and to where you need to be. But even God’s Spirit will not “make” you do anything.  It will only guide you, then you and I have to make our own decisions.

The vast majority of people who visit this website end up going their own way. But there are a few who STOP in their tracks and realize that there is something different going on here. As simple as this website is, they realize that God is behind it. And indeed it IS His Work. The information is all there in plain writing for all to see and for any who will heed.

This “spiritual gathering” of those like-minded people of God, will soon be followed by a literal PHYSICAL gathering as well. One example of this is seen in Ezekiel 34:11-14.  The whole reason that Christ Himself will do this is covered in the first 10 verses of this chapter. It is because of the complete failure of God’s ministry! This subject is covered as well many times throughout this website.

So if you are interested in supporting and being a part of this warning work of God,  just EMAIL me with a little information about yourself and your history (if any) with God’s Church.  Or, if you would rather just become a coworker in supporting this work instead of fellowshipping as a member, just go to the “How To Support This Work” page on this website.  We are not actively seeking “new members”. Rather, we know that it is Christ Himself doing the spiritual gathering. It is HE who places each member into His Body. It is HE who will soon be doing the literal PHYSICAL gathering of His people as well. It is my hope that we will ALL be in that gathering.



Daniel E. Cohran

Executive Director

Church Of God

Email: danielcohran@hotmail.com




Want to become a coworker?



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