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This page has the entire Bible Hymnal on it in mp3 format and may take a couple of minutes to load, especially if you have a slower internet connection.


download/open Bible Hymnal .pdf

Click on the player below the title of each song to hear the song. Song titles with a (v) at the end indicate Vocals with song. All others are music only.

Page 1 - Blessed And Happy Is The Man (v)

Page 2 - Why Do The Nations Make Plans In Vain

Page 3 - Trust In God And Stand In Awe (v)

Page 4 - Give Ear Unto My Words, O Lord (v)

Page 5 - Turn, O God, And Save Me (v)

Page 6 - Vindicate The Justice You Demand

Page 7 - How Excellent Is Thy Name (v)

Page 8 - I Will Praise The O Eternal (v)

Page 9 - Declare His Works To All Nations (v)

Page 10 - Arise, Eternal, O My God

Page 11 - His Eyes Behold The Children Of Men

Page 12 - Thy Word Eternal Is Truth Evermore

Page 13 - How Long Wilt Thou Forget Me, Lord

Page 14 - Who Shall Dwell On Thy Holy Hill (v)

Page 15 - The King Delights, Lord

Page 16 - The Heaven's God's Glory (v)

Page 18 - My God, My God

Page 19 - The Lord Is My Shepherd

Page 20 - The Lord's My Shepherd

Page 21 - Our God Is Good And Upright (v)

Page 22 - To Thee I Lift My Soul (v)

Page 23 - Mine Eyes Upon The Lord (v)

Page 24 - In Thee, O Lord, I Put My Trust

Page 25 - They Are Blessed Who Are Forgiven (v)

Page 26 - Blessed Is The Nation God Is For (v)

Page 27 - Turn Thou From Evil (v)

Page 28 - The Wicked Man

Page 29 - Rest In The Lord

Page 30 - Wait And Hope And Look For God (v)

Page 31 - Let Thy Chastening Be In Measure

Page 32 - For It Is God Who Orders Life

Page 33 - Righteous Judge (v)

Page 34 - O God, We Have Heard (v)

Page 35 - Awake, O Eternal (v)

Page 36 - Come, See The Works Of God (v)

Page 37 - God Our Strength And Refuge Is

Page 38 - Mt. Zion Stands Most Beautiful (v)

Page 39 - Nations Give Ear, Both Low And High

Page 40 - Give Thanks And Offer Praise (v)

Page 41 - In Thy Loving Kindness Lord (v)

Page 42 - God Is Most Gracious, Kind And Good

Page 43 - Fools Have Said That There Is No God

Page 44 - Save Me, O God, By Thy Great Name (v)

Page 45 - But As For Me, I'll Call On God (v)

Page 46 - Unto My Earnest Prayer Give Ear (v)

Page 47 - O Pity Me, Be Gracious God

Page 48 - Return Again, O God

Page 49 - Give Ear Unto My Prayer, O God

Page 50 - God Is My Rock. My Salvation (v)

Page 51 - Joyfully Sing And Praise God (v)

Page 52 - For Even From My Youth, O God (v)

Page 53 - O God, Forsake Me Not (v)

Page 54 - Let All Nations Hail Him King!

Page 55 - Give Judgment To The King, O God

Page 56 - The Day And Night Are Thine

Page 57 - Let Us Sing To God

Page 58 - His Name Is Great (v)

Page 59 - Unto God I Lift My Voice

Page 60 - O Thou The Shepherd Of Israel Art (v)

Page 61 - Thou Shepherd That Dost Israel Keep (v)

Page 62 - Praise The Eternal With A Psalm! (v)

Page 63 - Sing Songs Of Praise To Him!

Page 64 - Rise And Judge, Eternal One! (v)

Page 65 - How Lovely Are Thy Dwellings (v)

Page 66 - O Lord Of Host, My King, My God (v)

Page 67 - O Be Merciful To Me

Page 68 - O Thou God Of My Salvation

Page 69 - How Long Eternal, Hide Thou Away (v)

Page 70 - Thou Art Our God Forever

Page 71 - How Good It Is To Thank The Lord

Page 72 - O Come And Let Us Worship Him (v)

Page 73 - The Lord Eternal Reigns! (v)

Page 74 - Sing Praises And Rejoice! (v)

Page 75 - Holy, Mighty Majesty! (v)

Page 76 - Sing To The Lord With Cheerful Voice (v)

Page 77 - I'll Sing Of Mercy And Of Justice

Page 78 - He Shall Reign Forevermore! (v)

Page 79 - Bless The Lord Eternal, O My Soul (v)

Page 80 - Bless And Praise God

Page 81 - Remember Us, O Eternal

Page 82 - O Give Thanks And Praise The Eternal (v)

Page 84 - O That Men Would Praise Their God! (v)

Page 85 - Wisdom Begins With The Fear Of The Lord

Page 86 - When Israel Out Of Egypt Went (v)

Page 88 - Praise Belongs To God!

Page 89 - O Give Thanks Unto Our God (v)

Page 90 - O How Love I Thy Law! (v)

Page 91 - For Thy Law Is Truth And Love (v)

Page 92 - I Hate The Thoughts Of Vanity (v)

Page 93 - Lord You Dealt Well With Me

Page 94 - In Distress I Called Unto The Lord (v)

Page 95 - To The Hills I'll Lift Mine Eyes (v)

Page 96 - Unless The Lord Shall Build The House (v)

Page 97 - Blest And Happy Is He (v)

Page 98a - God Is Our Refuge

Page 98b - My Hope Is His Word

Page 99 - In His Word Have I Hope

Page 100 - High On Zion's Holy Hill

Page 101 - Praise God's Name! (v)

Page 102 - His Mercy Never Fails (v)

Page 103 - By The Waters Of Babylon (v)

Page 104 - Lord, I Will Praise Thee! (v)

Page 105 - Where Shall I Go From Your Spirit, O God? (v)

Page 106 - Hear My Cry, Eternal One (v)

Page 107 - To The Eternal I Will Cry

Page 108 - Give Ear Unto My Prayer, O Lord (v)

Page 109 - O Lord, Thou Art My God And King! (v)

Page 110 - Lord, Teach Me That I May Know (v)

Page 112 - Praise Ye The Lord! (v)

Page 114 - Hallelujah! Praise God! (v)

Page 115a - Come Though Almighty King

Page 115b - The Lord's My Shepherd

Page 116 - I Will Sing To The Eternal (v)

Page 117 - Thee Will I Love, O Lord (v)

Page 118 - Blow The Horn, Let Zion Hear! (v)

Page 119 - Behold, The Day Will Come (v)

Page 120 - Go Ye Therefore Into All The World (v)

Page 121 - Not Many Wise Men Now Are Called (v)

Page 122 - If I Have Not Charity (v)

Page 123 - Glorious Things Of Thee Are Spoken

Page 124 - God Speaks To Us

Page 125 - America The Beautiful

Page 126 - Onward Christian Soldiers!

Page 127 - Battle Hymn Of The Republic

Page 128 - Praise Ye The Lord, The Almighty


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