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In a Worldwide News dated August 25th, 1986 is a now famous article produced by the editorial services staff at the WCG headquarters.  This article listed 18 restored truths that God had restored into His Church through Mr. Armstrong.

But did you know that more than 3 years before this Mr. Armstrong listed 18 restored truths himself in a 1983 sermon entitled: "Mission of the Philadelphia Era" And did you also know, that roughly a week or so later, Mr. Armstrong added a 19th truth? (more about that further below)

Below I have posted, side by side, BOTH lists. The one from the Worldwide news and the one that Mr. Armstrong gave in his sermon. They are basically the same, EXCEPT for the LAST THREE.

Now this is not to discredit what was written in the Worldwide News, but rather to show the contrast of the two lists. Indeed those "truths" listed in the Worldwide News are truths restored to the Church. Remember, in Mystery of the Ages (page 251) as well as the above mentioned sermon, Mr. Armstrong says that there were AT LEAST (meaning more) 18 basic and essential truths that were restored into God's Church during the Philadelphia era.

So yes there are many more than the 18 truths, possibly 50 or a hundred or so. Remember also that when Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong came upon the Oregon Conference (5th era) of the Church of God, the church had the right name, the law (including the Sabbath), and understood the purpose of the first tithe.

But Mr. Armstrong in his sermon, focused on 18 fundamental or essential truths for a reason. All other truths dovetail or tie into these basic truths. They are the "foundation" of the truths and doctrines of the true Church of God.

If we "ponder" and look at those last three truths that Mr. Armstrong listed in his sermon, (plus the 19th one listed below), we can glean a deeper insight into what has happened to God's people here in the last era of His Church. Some might even wonder why those last three truths (plus ANOTHER one) were left off of the list in the Worlwide News version.

If you want to hear this sermon from Mr. Armstrong, click on the first audio player below.

The last 30 minutes or so is where he begins to list these truths. And he begins it by saying that these are the "ALL THINGS" (of Matt. 17:11).  He had just been discussing that scripture and the Elijah to come in the end time that Christ would use to restore "all things".  He clearly understood that he had fulfilled that office.  

The second audio player below, is a Bible Study given by Mr. Armstrong shortly after the "Mission Of The Philadelphia Era" sermon, where he introduces the 19th Restored Truth.

Below are the 18 restored truths (without details) as listed in the August 25th, 1986 Worldwide News. This was about 8 months after Mr. Armstrong died.

Below are the 18 Restored truths as listed by MR. ARMSTRONG in a sermon entitled: "Mission of the Philadelphia Era" given on December 17th, 1983.

1. The Government of God.

1. The True Gospel of the Kingdom of God.

2. The Gospel of the Kingdom of God.

2. The purpose of God - that man can become God.

3. The purpose of God.

3. God's master plan is revealed through His Holy Days.

4. Who and what is God.

4. The Government of God has been restored and placed into His Church.

5. What is man?

5. Who and What God is - a Family.

6. The human spirit in man.

6. What and Why man is - made from the dust of the ground.

7. The Church of God is only the Firstfruits.

7. The human spirit in man.

8. The Church is not yet the Kingdom of God.

8. The Church is the Firstfruits. God is not calling the world now.

9. Only those whom God the Father calls and draws to Him can be converted now.

9. The Church is the embryo of the Kingdom of God.

10. The resurrection to judgement.

10. The Millennium. Christ's rule and what will happen. Salvation will then be open to all mankind.

11. The Millennium.

11. The Holy Spirit. We are begotten now, not yet born.

12. The Holy Spirit coming into us only begets us.

12. We are the tribe of Manasseh of the lost tribes of Israel.

13. We are only begotten now, not born again.

13. Our identity.

14. The identity of modern Israel.

14. The understanding of prophecy has been restored to God's Church.

15. Prophesy can only be understood if you know who are the Israelites today.

15. Second and third tithe.

16. The annual Holy Days.

16. The truth of Babylon and her daughters.

17. The authority of the Sacred Calendar.

17. Satan has deceived the whole world.

18. Second and third tithe.

18. We are to be separate.

Below: Sermon by Mr. Armstrong (Dec. 1983) "Mission Of The Philadelphia Era"

The 19th Restored Truth....

Below: Bible Study by Mr. Armstrong (Jan. 1984): "The Spiritual Law vs. Rituals"

19th Truth: Correctly Placing the Emphasis on God the Father (Added during Bible Study):

Quote from Mr. Armstrong (begins at 19 minutes, 12 seconds):

"This opposition put an emphasis on Jesus as the Messiah and it had a tendency to de-emphasize God the Father. Now bear that in mind. Because I didn't mention that Sabbath. That's another truth. I don't know that I've mentioned that before. Perhaps some of you never thought of that. Let's say we're revealing that truth then — right now. And so the de-emphasizing of God the Father came on and they began to look on Jesus as God".

To see the full version (with details) of the 18 truths as they were listed in the above mentioned Worldwide News, click below. 




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